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🎶 Takin’ Care of Business

Brody is excited for the Farmers Market and has been putting in the time and work to build his inventory. It hasn’t been easy, but nothing good is!

It’s been amazing watching him brainstorm ideas and put them into action. He has a vision of how he would like his stand to look… which made him realize it would cost him more money than he initially expected. Although he had business money saved up to pay for a majority of the extra costs, he still had to work out a “business loan” with his Mom and Step-Dad. Below are things he has paid for already:

  • Pop up canopy

  • Tablecloth

  • Business sign

  • Business insurance

  • Market fees

  • Supplies for his products

It’s not always easy getting him to start making his products, but once he gets going he enjoys it and is satisfied when he sees everything done. He is realizing that to be successful, it takes a lot of hard work, determination, and sacrifice -some big things to learn at such a young age. Brody does an outstanding job and it is quite amazing watching his business knowledge grow. He even sat down with me (Mom) to do the most recent sales taxes to see how it’s done.

On top of stocking up on inventory he has been tending to his chickens who have been doing very well considering the recent temperatures. He cleaned out and freshened up their coop/run, continues to spoil them with mealworms and wheat, and spends time with them out in the yard while they “free range”. He has decided they have recently re-established the pecking order because all but one has some feathers missing around their tail. Their feathers won’t grow back until their next molt, which will be around the start of fall. He is learning more about them as time goes on and is becoming quite the chicken whisperer! It’s great hearing his chicken stories about who is doing what and why.

Brody is really excited to be bringing his candles, brownie mixes, and introducing another new product to the Farmers Market on August 6th. He has also really appreciated the feedback and ideas he has received. It’s been really special seeing the support- thank you!!

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