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New Year, New Look

Happy New Year! This last year was crazy... relocating, adding to his flock, and changing things up- it did not disappoint in the area of excitement! This year Brody has really taken the lead. Before, I'd (mom) hover and step in as needed to lend a hand, ensure safety, and remind him of steps. Over the year he has shown he can do it all on his own and is doing everything except marketing! It's awesome to see everything he has learned throughout this experience and how he incorporates the same skills in his everyday life. He keeps things interesting and the amount of candles he can create in just a few hours is amazing.

He is looking forward to making his business even bigger. He has goals of Farmers Markets and other vendor events on top of all the other normal 11-year-old boy "stuff". He is very appreciative of all of the support and has been able to keep the chickens fed, the website running, and inventory stocked! Very proud of him for all that he has accomplished and looking forward to what's to come!!

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