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Lemonade Day Preparations - August 24, 2021

School, baseball, and Lemonade Day preparations are just a few things keeping Brody busy these days. He is feeling the pressure of Lemonade Day quickly approaching and is making sure he has enough of his products to sell. He will be having new dry mixes available along with some eggs he has saved just for Lemonade Day. There will also be fresh-squeezed lemonade of course!

He liked helping design and build the lemonade stand by using wooden crates (Walmart won the store for best price... we went to about 4 different stores to find the best deal) and scrap pieces from building his chicken coop. He also used the same paint as the chicken coop to help reduce his business expenses. Brody's goal is to be able to pay back the costs for the lemonade stand and to still be able to make a profit from his efforts.

His chickens are doing very well! They are still laying some small eggs and some double-yolk eggs. Brody has done a great job making sure they have crushed Oyster Shells for stronger egg shells, and enough granite grit to help them digest their food. They have really been enjoying being out of their run. Rosie kept visiting Brody while he painted his lemonade stand (she even got a little bit of blue paint on her beak).

If you would like to know more about Lemonade Day, check out There will be other young entrepreneurs out around Berthoud!

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