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Eggs for Sale! - August 2, 2021

Brody is thrilled to be able to sell eggs! The pullets have been laying at the least 3 a day and so far the record number of eggs in one day is 5! It is very special to be able to check the nesting boxes to see if there are any eggs and listening to the girls sing the "Egg Song".

The sizes of the eggs have varied greatly. Some are very small (Brody calls them "Toddler Eggs" because it is about the perfect serving size for a toddler) and some are bigger than large store bought eggs. The first big egg we had turned out to be a double-yolk egg. Apparently Black Star chickens are known to lay a lot of double-yolk eggs!

Brody will be taking names of those who would like to purchase eggs from him. Brody is thrilled and thankful for all of the support he has received and is looking forward to sharing his eggs with you!

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