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When hard work pays off, it feels REALLY good! - July 13, 2021

Today was a BIG DEAL! After days of seeing all the signs of the girls preparing to lay an egg, it finally happened! Brody found the egg in the dust bath after coming home from hanging out with a buddy. He was so thrilled and shocked to find it. What a blessing! Here are some of the signs Brody observed that alerted us that eggs were coming soon:

- Squatting - When Brody went pet Rosie, he noticed she squatted down. After researching about it, we learned pullets will do that to show they are ready to make baby chicks! Once Rosie did it, there were a few others that started doing it as well.

- Combs and Wattles - Their combs and wattles were beginning to get really big and red which is a sure sign they established the right hormones to make eggs.

- Exploring the Nesting Boxes - When Brody would go in to check for eggs he noticed the chickens had been in the nesting boxes because the wood chips were moved around.

- Egg Song - Today while Brody was with a friend, his mom heard the "ba-ba-ba-baaaack" which was a new sound and what is known as the "Egg Song". Come to find out, chickens will make that noise before or after laying an egg.

Now I bet you're wondering, "What did he do with the egg?!"...Well he ate it! He cooked his fresh egg and a store bought egg to distinguish the differences. He was surprised to see how dark-yellow the yolk was compared to the store bought egg, and the shell was a lot harder on his fresh egg. Brody's Fluffy Butt Hut's egg won the contest for best tasting, too!

On another note, check out how cute and happy DJ's new owner is!! That smile lights up the room.

Thank you for checking in and we look forward to sharing more updates soon!

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