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There was a lot of Love Between the "Hello" and the "Goodbye" ... June 22, 2021

Brody is off to Kansas, but before he left he made sure to say his final goodbye to DJ. He wrote the new family a sweet letter and gave DJ a little extra love before taking off. It's bittersweet, but it is comforting knowing DJ will be well taken care of.

Brody was also able to have a Lemonade stand like he had hoped, and boy was it a success! He woke up and made the fresh squeezed lemonade himself, made sure there was ice and supplies, and then set up his stand later that afternoon. He had the Larimer Sheriffs (Berthoud Squad) stop by. They made their purchases for themselves and other people walking up. Brody really enjoyed talking to them and was so thankful for their support. It really made everyone's day! He wrote a letter to our local sheriffs as well and delivered it to the Sargent (who was apart of the group that bought lemonade from him!) He decided the majority of his profit will be saved for his business supplies.

Brody is already planning his next lemonade stand and is so excited for the pullets to start laying soon!

Until next time!

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