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The Ranchers Wife - August 11, 2021

Brody had a great start to his day today. He met with the wonderful owner at The Rancher's Wife in Berthoud to set up some of his Brody's Fluffy Butt Hut items in her store. There is a "Young Entrepreneurs" corner they have set up with some really neat items from other young business-minded kids! Brody is very thankful and excited for the opportunity! His exact words were, "That was really cool!" . Thank you to those who helped get that set up, it truly means so much!

Brody went for another run to Tractor Supply to get more supplies for his chickens. He did everything on his own, from finding the items, loading them onto his cart, paying, and then loading them in the car (he was very adamant that he didn't need any help). Then, he came home and cleaned and organized out the bin that stores all of his supplies (all on his own... Mom didn't even have to ask once!). He has also been very busy making new mixes for the upcoming "Lemonade Day" that Berthoud has in the works. Check out for more info. It is really cool what they are doing and we are looking forward to meeting and seeing other young entrepreneurs!

It has been amazing watching him learn and grow. He is constantly brainstorming new ideas and talking about other ways to possibly make money for his chickens and business. When asking him what he is going to do with his money, his reply is, "I need to make sure my business has what it needs and then I will see how much I can save for myself!"

Brody wanted to also say, "THANK YOU" to all of you who have supported and followed along with him in this journey.

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