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The Chickens are in Good Hands! - May 19, 2021

The chickens are loving their new place. They are learning to use the ramp on their own after Brody helped them learn how. Recently, Brody took an online class to learn more about chickens. He learned some pretty awesome facts:

1. Chickens love watermelon and strawberries!

2. Chickens have a "button" on their leg that should be the same color as the eggs they lay.

3. Chickens can eat lots of different foods... but not sugary foods like cakes and candies.

4. Chickens can dream! Brody thinks they dream about food, treats, and not getting fried!

5. Chickens are not herbivores... they are omnivores so they eat both plants and meats.

We had to separate DJ from the flock after the other hens were plucking its feathers. Brody administered some first aid to clean DJ's wound. We will have to reintroduce DJ to the flock soon. Brody will let them roam around the backyard all together, which is also helping right now.

Charlie is really stepping in to help, too! She is getting great at chasing the chickens down after letting them out of their coop to roam.

We are so anxious for eggs! We anticipate it will take another month or two, so for now Brody is really depending on his sales from items in the shop. He is learning the ups and downs of starting a business. There were two items added in Brody's shop - be sure to check them out if you haven't already.

Thanks for stopping by!

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