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The Case of the Freeloading Chickens

Well, the chickens have officially been dubbed the "Freeloaders". They have given Brody a single egg within two weeks now and the eggs they are laying, they eat. Typically when this happens chicken tenders can place a ceramic egg in the nesting box to "trick" the chickens and ultimately making them bored with the idea of eating the eggs...

Of course these chickens have realized what are real eggs and what are fake eggs...

Brody has been extremely patient and understanding. It is very common for chickens to slow down egg laying during their molt. It is also common for chickens to eat their own eggs- unfortunately. Brody is very much looking forward to being able to gather eggs again, but is solely relying on his candle/dry mix sales to provide for his chickens.

He has recently restocked his candles and is gearing up for holiday sales. He will have freshly made pure vanilla extract (for Colorado sales only) that would make a beautiful and unique Christmas gift. He changed up his recipe as well and is very pleased with the result. He will be releasing some limited edition Christmas scents as well. Keep an eye out for them!

Do you have a scent idea for a Brody? He appreciates hearing feedback and ideas! Send us a message through the online chat or by email. 😃

Until next time!

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