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Puppy Mill Awareness Day!

Despite cooler temperatures and rain, it was a great day! Brody worked so hard to make enough products and brainstormed new products special just for Puppy Mill Awareness.

He met some really great people and was able to see some of his "regulars" too which he loved! I think his favorite part of all of this "business stuff" is conversing with people and making the sales. He loves hearing what scent people enjoy the most, talking about the names, and seeing reactions. It's really awesome seeing him run the show (only needing help when technology malfunctions). It is so fun watching him in action and interacting with everyone.

He had a successful day and was excited to donate a portion of his sales to Puppy Mill Awareness! He is so grateful for everyone that stopped by and those that made a special trip out just to see and support him. It really means so much!

Stay tuned as I think he has plans to give away a free candle!! Details to come.


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