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Lemonade Day Results - September 21, 2021

Wow has time flown!

Brody's Lemonade Day experience was better than he could ever imagine! There were kids with lemonade stands all over the town. It was pretty neat seeing the kids support each other and watching the community come together.

Once again, Brody was reminded about how much hard work pays off. He had a very successful day and met some really wonderful people. He stayed the majority of the day out selling his homemade, fresh squeezed lemonade. He made a guess on how much lemonade he would need and was right on target. He almost sold out of his products, sold all of the eggs he brought with him, and almost FOUR GALLONS of lemonade. He was able to talk about his chickens and business. He was also able to meet and talk to local small business owners - how cool!!

Guess what else?? HE WON! Scheels did a random drawing and Brody's name was picked. This also means he is entered into the NATIONALS and could very well be named the Youth Entrepreneur of the Year! To everyone that stopped by, showed their support, and contributed to making the day happen...THANK YOU!

Brody's life has become very busy with school and baseball, but he still makes sure he leaves plenty of time open for his chickens. He came up with an new concoction that he calls "The Shake" which is a treat mix for the chickens. He used the money earned from Lemonade Day to buy his chickens better food and healthier treats. They have been laying regularly and have very strong shells. (Brody is very impressed and proud of how hard the shells are.)

We appreciate you stopping in and are looking forward to giving the next update. Take care.

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