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Hard Work Pays Off! - June 15, 2021

WOW!! The garage sale was a lot of fun and a big success for Brody! He was able to talk about his business, sell his products, and meet some pretty neat people! He feels very blessed and is very thankful to have enough money to buy his chickens more food, some treats, and restock his products. We talked about the importance of saving money aside for his business, because as he recently learned - money doesn't always come easy. He plans to save enough for food and supplies for the moments business isn't so busy.

We are so incredibly thankful for the words of encouragement and the people that came out to support him (a special shout out to his Great Aunt and Uncle - thank you!). Brody is very excited to see where this experience takes him and is hungry to learn more. He is already starting to plan his next "Pop Up Shop" and plans to include some fresh squeezed lemonade... maybe we will see you there!

Update on DJ: We have found a family in Salida, CO who will be taking DJ in. We will miss him a lot, but it is nice knowing he will be in good hands. He will be leaving us next week.

Thank you, again for all of the support. It is very much appreciated and we hope everyone enjoys their purchases.


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