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Happy Halloween! - October 31, 2021

Check out Brody's Halloween costume this year... who would have ever guessed he would be a CHICKEN?!

Brody's been incredibly busy with school, baseball, and making his new product of homemade candles! They have been a great success, so we researched where to find the best supplies for the best price and now have "Chicken Roll" (cinnamon roll) 8 oz candles available in his shop. Brody LOVES how they smell and is really looking forward to making "Chill Chicken" (lavender) and "White Rock" (vanilla) soon.

This month Brody was able to ship out his first order all the way to California! It was a great way for him to learn how to package up delicate items, address the package and how to take it to the post office to have it sent off to its destination. He also learned how important factoring in shipping costs are. It was a great learning opportunity and Brody is proud to say he can now ship orders!

Brody's baseball has slowed down for now, which means more time for his business. He will need to get even more creative since the chickens have also started to slow down on laying as many eggs. He is realizing his egg sales will not be enough to support his chickens - so getting creative and putting in more effort is a must.

On another note, we reached out to Tractor Supply to thank them for their low prices and to let them know what Brody has been up too and guess what?! They sent him a gift card to help him out and to show their appreciation back. Brody was so grateful and now an even bigger fan of Tractor Supply. He hopes to sell some of his products there one day!

That is all for now! Thank you for your support and stopping in.

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