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First Garage Sale and "Pop Up" Shop - June 11, 2021

Brody is super excited that it is SUMMERTIME! He has really enjoyed hanging out with his chickens, feeding them tomatoes, and letting them roam the backyard. He started baseball as well and has been practicing in the backyard while his chickens explore - the best of both worlds.

This weekend Brody will be doing his first Garage Sale and plans on setting up his first "pop up shop" at the same time. He will have a table just for Brody's Fluffy Butt Hut items and other things.

Yesterday, Brody spent the morning getting several mixes ready and picked out his favorites. He is especially excited about the Red, White, and Blue Cookies and Cream mix... you might want to snag yours before the 4th of July!

On a sad note, DJ our beloved crazy-haired chicken is a ROOSTER... we are bummed but we were prepared for this possibility. We thought we heard him crowing for the first time the other day, but he hasn't since. For the time being we are loving every moment with him and will work towards finding him a good home.

All the other chickens are doing well. They have been going into their coop on their own at dusk and waits for Brody to let them out in the morning. It is pretty cool watching them march in and out of the coop all on their own.

Thank you for following along and all of your support. Brody is very thankful and has been enjoying this a lot.

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