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Can't Stop, Won't Stop - April 30, 2021

Holy Cow! We can't believe it has almost been a month since the last update...

The chickens have grown so much! We have been busy with the chicken coop, we snuck away on a family vacation, and Brody started Flag Football. We have yet to reveal the coop, so stay tuned!

Today, Brody took the chickens outside to roam around the backyard for the first time. He spent hours out there with them. He and his sister gave the each chicken a bath, too!

Keep an eye out for new products as Brody is excited to release some new things soon.

Thank you to everyone who made their purchases. Brody had more than enough for fresh woodchips and a 50 pound bag of food! He took the time to research where to find his products for the best and most reasonable price. Looks like he will be a regular at Tractor Supply. He is doing a really good job spending his money wisely and has used it solely for his business. He is learning it takes money to get more money and is investing his funds very carefully.

That's all for now, we will update again soon! Take care.

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