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All Things Berthoud...

It's been awhile since the last update! Brody has been very busy with school, baseball, and keeping up with his chickens and business. Everywhere he seems to go, he is always looking for opportunity. We're very thankful to live in such an amazing community!

Recently, he donated some of his candles to Berthoud Local to help them raise money at an auction at City Star. Berthoud Local helps support small businesses around town. It was exciting going to City Star to see the auction take place and all the neat items other businesses around town had donated.

He also hung up some of his business cards on the billboard at Hays.

The Rancher's Wife opened this month, too. Brody has some candles there for sale again this year - which he is very excited about.

To top it off, he made it in the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor this week! He thought it was really neat to read/see the article -what a treasure!

On another note, his chickens have been picking up the pace with their egg-laying thanks to the longer and warmer days. However, they keep scraping out the bedding in their nesting boxes which leaves Brody with a new challenge: how to keep some sort of bedding in the nesting boxes so the eggs don't crack...

He has done a fantastic job setting aside money for taxes and saving money for chicken supplies. He really loves to spoil them and recently bought a huge bag of chicken treats which consists of a variety of bugs. Needless to say, they aren't complaining and get very excited when they hear Brody coming saying, "Treats!!"

Unfortunately, we have learned that avian flu is going around like crazy this year. This means Brody has learned extra precautionary measures are necessary to protect his chickens. He has taken some time to read up on what he can do to best prevent any illness and won't be letting them out of their run until things seem to be better. He is also making sure they have fresh water and even found some vitamin supplements at Tractor Supply to give them. Nothing is certain to prevent it, but Brody will do his best... no doubt about it.

Thanks for reading and for all of the support! Bye for now.

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