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Growing and Building - March 22, 2021

Lots of things happening! If only building the chicken coop provided as much time as the chicks have to grow. It seems they are quickly approaching their "Teenage Stage" as some are losing their down and gaining their pin feathers. Their crowns are beginning to grow, too, so we will know gender before long. They are not the most attractive looking right now, but their personalities are starting to shine. "DJ" (the Buff Polish) is by far the funniest... {hopefully a she} tends to randomly get sleepy and will fall asleep standing up and will slowly let her head fall to the ground. Before long she will pop up and join the rest like nothing happened. All the chicks love to eat from Brody's hand. He has been hand feeding them every day!

Now, we just need to complete the chicken coop. Brody has enjoyed helping work on the coop but seems to be more excited to paint it and get free rides on the lumber cart! Watching it all come together has been exciting and we're hoping the chickens will be able to enjoy their new space in the next week or two. Stay tuned for completed chicken coop pictures - Brody says the colors are a surprise...

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