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Brody (owner) is an eleven-year-old natural entrepreneur who loves raising chickens and making things to earn money. So, he started Brody's Fluffy Butt Hut in early 2021. To learn more, keep reading below! 

Or... maybe you want to skip the reading part and head straight to the good stuff in his shop?

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Meet Brody...

     Brody is a very active and creative eleven-year-old boy with some big ideas! When he is not playing with friends or out playing ball he is brainstorming ways to make some money. Brody is a natural entrepreneur. It all started after completing his first lemonade stand when he was about five-years-old. From there he looked forward to doing more lemonade stands, making and finding things to sell and then eventually asked for chickens in hopes to sell eggs... Although it didn't take him long to realize that he could not support his chickens solely on egg sales (that's why he started making dry mixes and candles). 

     Prior to getting chickens, Brody spent a lot of time researching everything required to properly care for them.  He also had to work out a business agreement with his mom and step-dad (knowing he didn't have enough money to get started). He quickly learned about interest, business loans, and how important researching material costs are when making business purchases.  


In March 2021, Brody was finally able to bring chicks home and ever since he has grown an even bigger love of chickens and being a business owner. He is responsible for providing the chickens their daily care, being the sole provider for food and supplies, making sure he has enough inventory,  managing his money, and keeping up with supply and demand  (thanks mom, for helping with the website and marketing). Brody has done an outstanding job keeping his chickens fed and his demand met. Creating his own chicken business has been one of the most educational, fun, exciting, yet challenging experiences he has encountered. His goal is to continue to grow his business and to eventually have a storefront.

     It has been very impressive watching him learn and grow throughout this process - and he couldn't do it without the help and support from those who continue to support him- thank you!

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A Note from Brody's Mom

"Brody is busy working away making more candles while I’m over here in awe thinking about all this kiddo has learned and does. This is so much more than what’s seen on the surface.

He is learning that setting and accomplishing goals is extremely satisfying and necessary.

He is learning customer service.

He is learning that good things take hard work.

He is learning mistakes are the best way to learn.

He is learning how to socialize professionally.

He is learning how to manage and direct people after asking them for help.

He is learning about loans and interest.

He is learning marketing, investing, and money management - without even really knowing it!

He is learning time management.

He is learning how to take criticism.

He is learning how to be humble.

…I imagine he will even be doing his own sales taxes pretty soon, too (woohoo)!

Brody is able to pay for his own chicken feed/treats/supplies, all business supplies, and website costs through his business. It’s super awesome seeing him support his own interests- and what a way to do it! To think this all started because he just wanted some chickens and to sell eggs…

As his Mom, I really couldn’t be anymore proud of him. I’m also incredibly thankful for all of the people who have helped him get this far! It wouldn’t be possible without the help of everyone who has supported him and those who continue to."

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